Friday, April 20, 2018

Miscellaneous paintings.

Harps, I have a serious of this I need to upload

This was a self portrait I did without a mirror after I broke up with my ex fiance.

This is of my friend, Josephine Bailey Bills


I know I have many more portraits, and I'm wondering where they are. when I find them, I'll post them. Justin Taylor was the one who really helped me get a grasp on the face. I remember memorizing each of the bones and labeling them. 

Figure Paintings

Design Studies

These studies were the way the Sean Diediker helped me gain an eye for a good design. There were many many more bad designs that I am not including in here. But slowly I began to get the hang of design.

Figure drawings at the Bridge and BYU

This was an attempt for my BYU professor, Mark Graham to help me think outside the normal ways of drawing the figure.